Acupressure Points For Raising Immunity

I often demonstrate acupressure points to my clients to enable them to continue the effects of a treatment. They are simply wonderful, and easy to bring into your health regime.

All you need to do is apply circular movements and pressure to the area for a few minutes. In a treatment I would use acupuncture needles but I also use acupressure myself – you can’t walk round with needles in (my postman often gets scared).

Most points need to be treated on both sides of the body.

Stomach 36 – My favourite and most incredible immune boosting point – essential for giving your body extra strength and good energy. Applying pressure to this point is great to prevent and build u reserves.



Kidney 27 – A great point particularly for people prone to chest infections and those with asthma.



Lung 7 – Literally put your thumb up, find the depression at the base of the thumb and move it up the inside of the forearm. Use two finger widths to locate it. These are great points to boost your immunity and also good for coughs.


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