Andrea is a health & wellness coach inspiring women to reach their potential and lead life to the full. She has been a leading UK therapist for the last 14years, a featured writer and a lecturer in both business and holistic health.

She has helped hundreds of clients achieve their wide ranging goals from better health, increased energy and get in fantastic physical and mental health.

Andrea is passionate about helping others and has dedicated the last 30 years to developing her skills. She has worked in the corporate world but started her own business when her daughter was diagnosed with a disability. She has researched and trained in several complementary therapies in order to help her daughter and this lead to a successful business. She is the lecturer that health giving entrepreneurs turn to for training and she has a wealth of knowledge and energy to give to others.

She wants women to step up and not settle for a life that is simply ordinary. She empowers women to be all they can be, enjoy life to the full in amazing health as well as look & feel fantastic too.