Boosting Fertility with Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology is Specialised Reflexology designed to provide an effective holistic approach to pre-conceptual care.

Sadly not everyone finds it easy to conceive and there are many reasons for non-conception such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome,  diagnosed sub fertility, fibroids, irregular or no menstruation, repeat miscarriages, stress, low sperm count, and erectile dysfunction. The problems some couples experience often leads them to visiting their GPs and fertility clinics for information, guidance and tests. This process can be lengthy, frustrating, stressful, soul destroying and expensive. For every success story there is another one full of sadness, emptiness, feelings of failure, obsession and disappointment. Fertility reflexology is now a recognised treatment of choice for couples trying to for a baby.

Although there are no guarantees as to a successful outcome with the treatment, it is so beneficial, can aid stress relief and is very relaxing. Often a less stressed client conceives, taking the pressure away and taking time out for yourself & simply relaxing. Fertility reflexology facilitates the better functioning of all aspects of the body. It’s important that the body is in the best possible condition for conception. Naturally the length of time it takes for a client to conceive varies, some have conceived after 2-3 treatments, others take longer and of course its important not to raise expectations. There have however been some clients who have gone through the assisted conception process without success and after virtually giving up hope who have found themselves pregnant after a regular course of treatments.

Naturally treatments are tailored to meet the needs of the client and particular attention is paid to a reflex area that needs stimulating or calming. Time is spent on the ovary/uterus/fallopian tubes and hormonal reflex points such as the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands. In order to destress the client attention is paid to the solar plexus and adrenal glands with slow anticlockwise pressure. Of course a reflexology treatment is like receiving a full body MOT and if the client suffers from a particular condition then time can be spent focusing on the reflex areas that are affected by it.

What does a fertility reflexology treatment consist of?

A detailed consultation takes place, which allows the opportunity for the client to share their journey to conceive to date. Health, diet, nutrition and exercise are all covered as well as details of sleep, menstrual cycle and any tests/medication/procedures they may have had so far. The client is made to feel comfortable, warm and relaxed in a reclining chair. The session takes between one and two hours and includes pre-relaxation techniques, massage of the feet as well as reflexology and specialised pre-conception techniques.

What does fertility reflexology do?

  • Balances the endocrine system – the treatment focuses on each endocrine gland and brings the hormones back into balance and improves their function. This affects the development of follicles and ovulation.
  • Boosts the immune system – low immunity can affect the chance of conceiving and also affects the possibility of miscarriage.
  • Detoxifies the body getting rid of any unwanted toxins allowing the body to function better
  • Helps to ease stress and anxiety – this is a major factor in fertility and is a large part of the pre-conceptual reflexology treatment. Stress can affect every system in the body, specifically menstruation, ovulation and create hormonal imbalance.
  • Allows the body to heal and function more effectively
  • Assists in regularising menstrual cycles
  • Attains and maintains the health and wellbeing of the couple. Men should also have reflexology, pre-conception reflexology assists in increasing the sperm count and the quality of sperm.
  • Cleanses the reproductive areas, removing toxins and congestion and restoring energy to the areas.
  • Compliments medical procedures if clients are already under medical supervision
  • Can be used to support and prepare the body leading up to infertility procedures taking place.

There is now a growing acceptance of fertility and maternity reflexology amongst the medical profession. Clients have been sharing the effects of it with their midwives, GPs and fertility clinics and the word is spreading. Many birthing clinics have midwives trained in reflexology hence the acceptance of the treatment by the NHS unfortunately resources seem to affect how widespread its application is.

Fertility reflexology can assist couples realise their dream of becoming parents. If you would like to read Lucy’s Story, a client testimonial who received pre-conceptual reflexology please visit:

Andrea Burnand-Commons – Health & Wellbeing coach and award winning complementary therapist. She has been in practice for 14 years specialising in fertility, pregnancy treatments including the bowen technique and traditional Chinese Medicine. Her passion is to empower  women to increase their health and wellbeing, realise their potential and fulfil their dreams.

In practice since 2003.

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